The Photographer

© Cecile Gambin Photography

I miss our family dogs. But, we’ve decided to wait until our kids are a wee bit older before getting another tail wagger. In the meantime, I’m getting my kicks out of photographing other peoples pets. Be it dogs, cats, horses or whatever – I get to play with them, pet them, give them big belly rubs and kiss them lots.

My name is Cecile Gambin and I live in North Vancouver. Like many pet owners I grew up with dogs and cats and have a deep appreciation for all animals. Today, I have a family of my own with two boys and a husband. Most recently we added two Bengal cats to our family. Why Bengals? Because they behave like dogs and they are, for all purposes intended, dog-cats. They play, jump, purr and generally behave like regular cats. But, they also like to chase, play with/in water, have crazy energy and can jump like a Belgian Malinois. 

I’ve been taking pet photos for a number of years and recently decided it was time to divide my photography business in two. So, I created Cool Cat Photography to center around animals. My other website – – focuses on action, documentary and lifestyle images for corporate clients, magazines, athletes, and families. Please feel free to check it out.

I am nationally accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada in the Canine/Dog portraits category and am extremely proud of this. I’ve worked hard to become recognized by the PPOC and I strive to achieve the highest level of photography at all times. 

  • Accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in Canine/Dog Portraits
  • I use professional gear (camera, lenses, strobes)
  • I am available for events, commissioned works, editorial and for taking photos your furry friend
  • Member of Nikon Professional Services Canada (NPS)


I had a wonderful time working with Cecile Gambin as she photographed my horses.  Her careful attention to detail, combined with her amazing eye for lighting and movement, made for some exquisite fine art portraits that were both powerful and sublime. It was hands down the best photo shoot experience I’ve ever had, and I would not hesitate to recommend her any day! ~ Candice Sy

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyWe’re Paul’s father and mother in Hamilton – Paul forwarded some of your shots of Chester. They are GREAT !! You must have seen evidence of his personality after spending some time on the shoot and you’ve done a super job in having some of his character come out in the pics. Well done and hope your business is extremely successful. ~ very happy parents of Paul

The photo session experience was simply fantastic and natural. Everything went smoothly and time flew by. (Cecile stayed much longer than expected because the sun was changing and the shots were getting better and better…which I am extremely thankful for!!) ~ Stephanie Spacciante